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      Wenzhou oustar Electrical Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1995, is a modern enterprise of science and technology a set of scientific research, production, sales in one of the products ranging from automobiles, electronics and home appliances two categories, the company established for more than ten years, through continuous innovation and development, to carry out extensive cooperation and exchange of technology, the introduction of international advanced development, manufacturing and testing equipment, the company's overall strength of an unprecedented increase.
      Company's existing plant area of 34000 square meters, this year in Fujian to purchase 60 acres of land, construction of a new industrial park, the company existing staff 1000 people, including senior level, engineering and technical personnel 52 people, all kinds of other professionals, managers and technicians 96 people. The company has 7 departments, 4 experimental test chamber, 8 workshops, 30 assembly production lines, 60 sets of computer control of injection molding machine. The company has passed ISO/TS1649:2009 quality system certification, in recent years the company through the comprehensive cooperation with domestic and foreign well-known large companies the ascension of the whole of the quality of the enterprise, the management level, to provide a solid foundation for the production of first-class products.
      Over the past few years the company spirit of "unity, truth-seeking, pioneering and enterprising" spirit of enterprise and the pursuit of a professional to create "high quality, high grade" product concept, in the form of OEM, such as supporting parts to customers has developed the excellent performance of automobile
      Electrical products, is Jianghuai Automobile Group specified supporting manufacturers, and the world 500 strong enterprises long-term cooperation, our company has well-known manufacturers in Japan TOYOTA, FAW, Chery, JAC, Zhe Jiangqing, lotus, Zhejiang WanLiYang, Wuhan Shenlong, Shandong Huatai Automobile, Hafei, domestic and international support, but also to accept part of orders some foreign trade, after-sales market, the products sell well in the domestic and international market, praised by the majority of users.
      Carefully build good every product, we always follow the same idea wholeheartedly provides the omni-directional service for the user.
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